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English Conversation

The aim is to strengthen and develop the course participant’s English language skills through intensive practice. To expand the active vocabulary and improve background knowledge, among other things about cultural aspects. Language in relation to your line of business can be included when the language foundation has been created.

People with previous knowledge of English at all levels who will be working abroad or have international contact and want to be able to have more confidence and impact in English.

Intensive practice in spoken English, including expansion of the existing vocabulary, practising useful expressions and phrases, construction of sentences, and understanding and pronunciation. This course will teach the participants to understand and pronounce English words and sentences, to have a conversation in English and provide knowledge of the basic rules of English grammar. The course participants will also get insight into usage and social conventions, both in everyday life and in business, just as current affairs will be used for discussion and conversation about relevant English-speaking countries. This course will help provide knowledge of cultural affairs, social conventions and politeness. If the course participants also want to focus on written English, this can also be arranged.

English Business Language

To make the course participant more confident regarding general English business terms in connection with telephone conversations, meetings, and negotiations and sales situations. To provide knowledge of social conventions, polite expressions, mentality and possibly cultural aspects.


People who need a high level of language confidence in their day-to-day work and do not want to miss important subtleties – or to experience situations where their vocabulary is insufficient to present their points of view clearly.

Speaking exercises, telephone dialogues, negotiations, etc. Instructions in social conventions, mentality and cultural understanding. Specific language based on the course participant’s line of business may be included in the course according to special agreement.

English Technical Language

The aim is to obtain confidence in general technical terms in English. To acquire the necessary vocabulary which will enable the course participant to communicate with others, for example about technical tasks.

People with knowledge of English who want to acquire more specialised knowledge.

The course is based on basic vocabulary including general language elements combined with technical terms and tasks. Specific language based on the course participant’s line of business can be included according to special agreement.

Telephone English

The aim is to enable the participant to have a confident and professional telephone conversation in English.

People who will regularly have telephone contact with English-speaking customers and business connections, for example people employed in reception/switchboard.

Telephone dialogues, including telephone standards. The course is based on a basic vocabulary and includes the most necessary language skills.

English Secretarial Course

The aim is to obtain more confidence regarding professional communication with English-speaking contacts/customers/visitors in spoken and written English.

Secretaries or other employees in charge of secretarial tasks who already have good knowledge of the English language.

Conversation, entertaining, telephone dialogues, booking, correspondence, etc. Possibly role plays which are relevant for the participant.

Written English

The aim is to improve the participant’s written English with emphasis on business correspondence.

People carrying out written tasks in English who want more confidence and improved skills in written communication. The course is provided at all levels.

Review and listing of various English words and phrases and general spelling, including review of and layout for various types of correspondence, enquiries, offers and orders and how to respond in writing.

English Course with a duration of 1-2-3 days

The aim is to practise meeting and presentation techniques and negotiation in English with a specific, short-term goal.


People who will before long attend an important meeting or give a major presentation in English.

The course will focus exclusively on practising the participant’s English language skills in connection with the future meeting or presentation.

Super-intensive English Course

The aim is to save time and – through particularly intensive instruction – to enable the participant to manage in English at a high level. Typical duration: five full days.

People who want to improve their English skills quickly.

The course is based on everyday situations, customs, role-play, current topics for discussion and conversation. Lunch and coffee breaks are also held in English. Language typical of specific lines of business can be included in the course, just as other specific needs and wishes will, of course, be considered.

Presentation Methods in English

The aim is to strengthen the participant’s communication skills and impact in connection with presentations. To make the participant more confident about making both internal and external presentations in English.

People who want to become more confident in connection with for example meetings or conferences when they are to present and communicate issues, results or ideas in English.

"Brush-up" Course - English

The aim is to brush up the participants’ previous knowledge and give them the necessary language confidence in demanding situations.

People with some knowledge of English who want to maintain and strengthen their English skills, for example with a view to conferences, negotiations, exhibitions, etc.

Conversation, activation of passive vocabulary. Specific language based on line of business will – to some extent and according to special agreement – be included in the course.

Intensive, Basic English Course

The aim is to enable the participant to understand and have simple conversations in English and to create background knowledge of among other things culture and social conventions. At request, the course may be combined with language training in relation to a specific firm.

People who want to acquire a basic English skills quickly and efficiently, for example as a basis for learning the language of a specific line of business. .

The course is based on providing the course participant with a basic English vocabulary and covers the necessary language elements. The course emphasises giving the participant a chance to practise words and phrases in English.

"Dinner conversation"

The aim is to enable the participant to practise small-talk and have brief conversations in English in addition to the professional communication.

People with some confidence in their professional terminology who want to be able to communicate in English with their business connections in a social context.

Conversation on the basis of the participant’s interests, current topics, social conventions, etc.

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